We are inspired by a reinterpretation of the Fibonacci Sequence: from infinity to unity. Standardizing chest drainage therapy first, and then tailoring it to individual patients has never been addressed before. This is one of the reasons why clinical guidelines as well as technical regulations for chest drainage systems evolution have never become a reality.

Regulatory, procedural, financial and political challenges represent formidable barriers to scientific progress. A large number of chest drainage system models (40+) are commercially available worldwide, with more and more still being produced. They show net heterogeneous performances which in turn can have an effect of patients’ outcomes (complications and deaths). Doctors’ exposure to such different models is limited by hospital administrators ($dependent purchase). The lack of proper regulations (ISO) and standards (CE, FDA) governing chest drainage systems’ technical evolution (R&D) accompanied by the absence of clinical guidelines for chest drainage therapy means current management of patients with chest tubes may be evidence-based, but not necessarily up to date with enough scientific evidence.

Patients are bearing the cost of this cultural and scientific heterogeneity, hence a paradigm shift is needed. Team BreatheCore responded by taking an intellectual risk despite recent trends in the scientific market, creating the BreatheCore monitoring system.

We are proud to offer chest drainage system evaluation services by using such novel technology: indeed, the scientific community has now access to an objective understanding of chest drainage performances pre-operatively, assessing why certain chest drainage designs & software algorithms may affect patients recovery and therefore anticipating and accelerating the development of more appropriate and customizable patients therapies. This is intuitively useful for any surgical case, with special regard for those who are fragile and therefore at high-risk.