BreatheCore, Inc. and BreatheCore ITALY were born of the belief that staying curious and maintaining a spirit of joy can help a small idea to become an actual resource for the healthcare community.

BreatheCore’s goal is to make a difference in the pre-operative assessment and post-operative management of the pleural space in cardio-thoracic surgery.

Alberto Antonicelli (company founder and CEO) has been involved in furthering the understanding of critical problems in chest drainage management since 2010. He began his work in the basement of his parents’ house in Italy, where he evaluated whether traditional teaching actually matched what was observed on patients. Once he earned his medical degree in 2011 at the University of Milan, Alberto sought to investigate why certain complications happened and to gain insight into how this affected the way doctors care for patients. As a thoracic surgery resident in Italy first, and as a postdoctoral associate researcher in the United States of America then, he carried on with ethical project development. Alberto currently works in Italy as a freelance physician as a mean for self-funding BreatheCore’s technology.

Team BreatheCore has donated its time and know-how pro bono through the entirety of the project. We believe that what has been achieved so far is a testament to our passion, clinical obligation and growth potential. We are proud to take the acquired knowledge back to the bedside, helping doctors to provide for better patient outcomes.

Marketing higher quality chest drainage systems is just a natural consequence of this entire process.